AGNES MONICA awarded Celebrity of The Year 2011

This year is belong to Agnes Monica. After being involved in Michael Bolton’s new duet Album “GEMS” and become one of the MTV EMA 2011 nominees, Agnes Monica again proves that she is the most popular Indonesian artist in 2011.

Last night, an infotainment programme “INSERT” awarded Agnes Monica as Celebrity of The Year 2011.

That was one of the prestigious awards for people in the entertainment industry in Indonesia.

Now everyone is waiting for her very first International studio Album which is being processed in LA, United State. This international Album is produced by Grammy Award winner TIMBALAND. In this album, Agnes Monica is scheduled to collaborate with World Mega Star Mike Posner and probably Justin Timberlake.

Keep on moving, Girl!

11 thoughts on “AGNES MONICA awarded Celebrity of The Year 2011

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