Penampilan sempurna Timnas Selection Indonesia melawan L.A Galaxy tidak hanya mendapat perhatian dari publik Indonesia saja, tetapi juga mendapat sorotan dari berbagai Media Internasional. Berikut ini adalah Kliping berita tentang hasil pertandingan antara L.A Galaxy vs Timnas Indonesia yang mejadi Headline berita Media Online Internasional.

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Beckham Praises Indonesia after L.A Galaxy 1-0 win

JAKARTA, Indonesia—David Beckham said Indonesia should be proud of its all star team after the Los Angeles Galaxy’s 1-0 win, saying they were fast on their feet and knew the game well.

The English midfielder, who brought down Indonesian striker Andik Vermansyah while going for the ball early in the match, later apologized by swapping jerseys.

“I’m going to frame this!” Vermansyah said with a huge smile. “It was an honor to play with him.”

More than 30,000 spectators packed into Jakarta’s 80,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on Wednesday for the first friendly of the Major League Soccer champion’s Asian tour.

Robbie Keane scored in the 14th minute to give Galaxy its win over the Indonesian team, taking a short pass from Adam Cristman and slotting a right-footed shot into the bottom corner of the net.

“They’re very quick and know how to play the game,” Beckham said, adding that he swapped shirts with Andik because he “felt bad for kicking him.”

pvrization.webnode.com: Indonesia Selection Team VS LA Galaxy, Two Indonesian Players Got Praised

After match Indonesia Selection versus LA Galaxy, Los Angeles Galaxy coach Bruce Arena gave praise to the two players Indonesia Selection, Andik Vermansyah and Greg Nwokolo in a friendly match at the Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta on Wednesday (30/11) evening hrs. According to him, both players were often troublesome back of the LA Galaxy players with individual skills.

“A lot of good players on the team Indonesia Selection. The player with the numbers 21 ( Andik ) and 10 ( Greg ) back very well,” said Bruce Arena after the game on Wednesday (11/30/2011). He also said that Indonesia Selection game is very impressive. Rahmad Darmawan foster children were recognized as very giving tough resistance.

In fact he praised Indonesia Selection balance in play. A good and sharp attack supported by a solid defense coordination. “The midfield is also very balanced,” said Bruce Arena.
Meanwhile, David Beckham praised winger of Indonesia Team Selection Andik Vermansyah.  Beckham even specifically called Andik at the end of the game to exchange costume each other. “He’s very quick and talented. I’m also not comfortable to him because it had to play hardball,” said the former Manchester United player after match at the Bung Karno Main Stadium on Wednesday evening, 30 November 2011.

” He is also a very good player, so I’d love to have his shirt ” Beckham said.

Beckham really had to tackle from behind and it made Andik Vermansyah collapsed. Indonesia Team Selection coach , Rahmad Darmawan assessed Beckham’s behavior should be rewarded a yellow card. But the referee let him go.

Andik who played since start until beginning of  second half looked very stunning. This tiny winger several times to penetrate between  one-two of  the LA Galaxy defender players. His passes cross from the right wing too often alarmed Galaxy goalkeeper.

Bruce said he did not rule out the LA Galaxy will invite them to play in the United States. “Maybe we’ll consider whether we can invite them to strengthen the team LA Galaxy,” he said.

“I only have four words for Andik. He’s small, nimble, strong, and fast, “said Rahmad Darmawan ( Indonesian Selectin coach ) which also praised Andik’s performence.

ALLVOICES.COM: David Beckham Hoping to Fight Indonesian Soccer Team Again

La Galaxy midfielder David Beckham, giving praise to Indonesia Selection though his team won 1-0, in a friendly match at the Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday (30/11/2011). In the view of Beckham, Indonesia Selection has talented players and have speed.

Indonesia was able to deliver despite fierce opposition have to deal with a team that reinforced some world class players. LA Galaxy inevitably hard to break the game models the attacks made by the team that built the Rahmad Darmawan.

In fact, David Beckham, for example, had to tackle hard to stop the Andik Vermansyah that look impressive on the game earlier.

“This game provided by a team of Indonesia is very serious game. Indonesia is very good because it has a talented and fast players. They are able to provide a formidable resistance. However, we really enjoyed,” said Beckham after the game.

On that occasion, Beckham admitted impressed with the support provided by fans during their stay in Indonesia. England midfielder even hope to return to Indonesia at some time later.

“I am very happy to be here. We were treated very unusual since the landing until today. Fans Galaxy was great support and Indonesia. We appreciate it all. We yearn to return to Indonesia. If there’s next invitation, we are happy to return to here, “beber player who played for Manchester United.

Midfielder Indonesia Selection, Andik Vermansyah, claiming absurdly happy to get David Beckham jersey after appearing in an exhibition match against LA Galaxy at the Bung Karno Stadium on Wednesday (11/30/2011) night. In fact, so happy, want to sleep accompanied Andik Beckham though not uniformly washed three days.

“Obviously pleased and happy. I imagine baseball before,” said Andik after the game.
1927 Persebaya player admitted he was surprised that Beckham could get a uniform. The reason, he was never get the intention to exchange shirts with Beckham.

“If it was my fortune doing begging. Pas final whistle I was standing next to Beckham. Then he called me. Praise be given. In fact, the children asked for baseball given,” I Andik.

Andik is a prominent player in the game earlier. Action petite player who repeatedly makes the Galaxy defense helter-skelter.

In fact, Beckham had to do a hard foul to stop the penetration Andik often on the left side of the Galaxy defense. England midfielder also had cheered on by supporters of Indonesia.However, the incident became special memories for Andik Firmansyah.

“I’m actually proud of. He was also the same attention to me,” explains Andik.

Then her clothes for what, Andik? “Make friends sleep a week. Three days washed baseball. Pas hug excited kayaks also met beautiful people. It’s like people calling me beautiful,” said Andik.

Mixed reception for Beckham in Indonesia

David Beckham got a mixed reception as a Robbie Keane strike earned the LA Galaxy a 1-0 win over a spirited Indonesian All Stars on Wednesday in front of a disappointing crowd in Jakarta.

Entire sections of the 88,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium were off-limits and organisers said only 20,000 tickets had been sold to see the newly crowned Major League Soccer champions in action.

Beckham, 36, was a given a warm reception from the sparse crowd, but cheers when he touched the ball were mixed with boos and the former England midfielder endured a patchy night with some misplaced passes and set-pieces.

He was coy about his future afterwards, with speculation rife that the Galaxy’s week-long Asian tour could be his last showing with the team.

“I’ve said it before. Right now I play for LA Galaxy, as I have done for a while. I have a big decision to make,” he said.

“I think tonight was a very difficult game for us. The Indonesian selection team are very good,” he said. “They are very fast, they know how to play the game very well.”

Former Spurs man Keane scored the only goal of the night in the 14th minute.

The match was played at the stadium where a stampede last week at the Southeast Asian Games football final left two people dead.

Soccer fan Obama makes call to MLS champs

President Obama rousted LA Galaxy soccer coach Bruce Arena out of bed in the wee hours on Wednesday morning to congratulate him for winning the MLS Cup.

Arena, whose team is in Jakarta, Indonesia, for an exhibition game, was happy to get the call from Obama, according to the Galaxy website.

Like many professional sports teams, the LA Galaxy was extended the traditional invitation to celebrate its recent championship with a trip to the White House, but this was the first time a sitting president has called to congratulate a cup-winning coach, according to the Galaxy. Obama played soccer as boy in Jakarta.

“The president said, as a soccer fan, he wanted to let Coach Arena know that the team inspired a lot of young soccer players, including his kids,” according to a White House readout of the call.

The Galaxy are led by international soccer stars Landon Donovan and David Beckham, and Arena, a former U.S. national team coach, is also the club’s general manager.

Obama commended Arena “on all that the team has done for the game of soccer and asked him to pass along his congratulations to Landon Donovan, David Beckham and the rest of the team,” according to the White House.

Keane gives Galaxy 1-0 win over Indonesia

Robbie Keane scored in the first half to give the Los Angeles Galaxy a 1-0 win over an Indonesian all-star team in the first exhibition game of the MLS champions’ Asian tour.
Kean took a short pass from Adam Cristman inside the area and slotted a right-footed shot into the bottom right corner of the net in the 14th minute.
The Galaxy also hit the post and crossbar in the first half, but couldn’t extend their lead.

David Beckham and Landon Donovan started for the Galaxy in front of about 30,000 spectators at Jakarta’s 80,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.
The Galaxy will play the Philippines national team in Manila on Dec. 3 and Australian club Melbourne Victory three days later.

SPORTALES.COM: David Beckham, Soccer Players Indonesia Full of Talent

David Beckham praised Indonesia National Team Selection talented players over the Los Angeles Galaxy won only 1-0 in a friendly match that took place at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Wednesday, December 30, 2011. LA Galaxy made it difficult moment victory over Indonesia Selection. Could not even do much to penetrate the defenses Indonesia Selection. Luckily the club from the United States has Robbie Keane, who scored the winning goal in the first round.

“Resistance is given Indonesia Selection fierce enough. It’s a tough game and we quite enjoyed it,” Beckham said in a press conference after the match. Asked about the appearance of players Indonesia Selection, Beckham issued a compliment.

Former Real Madrid and Manchester United’s players had trouble keeping the center of Indonesia Selection in the game. Beckham even had time to do a hard foul against Andik Vermansyah to simply stop the speed. Beckham rate Indonesia players full of talent.

David Beckham: Soccer Players Indonesia Full of Talent

“I think Indonesia Selection is very good team and have a lot of talented players. They are very fast. They know how to play football very well” said Beckham.

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