How to Claim a Site on Alexa Using Facebook

Here are a few steps to claim your blogsite on Alexa using Facebook Account. No registration needed. First thing, make sure you’ve already logged in on Facebook. Then follow these instructions below:

  • Sign up for Free

  • Choose Connect using Facebook. When Pop up window open, click allow

  • Choose the Verification method. There will be two options. If I may suggest you, you’d better choose option 2. Copy the verification code then paste on the after section of your site HTML template.  To do it, please go to dashboard-template-edit HTML-Continue/Next-Find this on HTML editor-Paste. Before saving the changes you made, please preview it first to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes. If everything OK, then click Save. [Blogger user or self hosted blog]. For wordpress user, please Copy and paste the verification ID on the webmaster tools verifications. You can find them under Tools-available tools-webmaster verifications tools. For more details please read ”

  • Go back to Verification Page on Alexa. Click on Verify my ID. It may take times to process. When verification completed, you will be able to input some information to describe your site.

  • Done! Your Site is successfully claimed. Now, wait for Alexa to rank you better and will impact to your site traffic.

One thought on “How to Claim a Site on Alexa Using Facebook

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