Bali to Lombok the Fastest Way: Marina Srikandi Fast Boat

Fast Boat to Gili

Getting to Lombok from Bali? Most people will probably take airplane or ferry ship as their chosen transportation to get to the fascinating Lombok Island and the Gilis. For those who like to shorten their trip to Lombok maybe will opt to fly rather than spending hours on a Ferry ship. Flying to Lombok from Bali takes 40 minutes maximum. But there’s something that people often forget to consider. Since the Airport of Lombok has been relocated to the Central, flying is not a so wise choice if you are keen to visit the centre of the tourist crowd in Lombok. From the Airport you will need to spend another hour and half on car to reach West Lombok and the triple gili islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air). So, why wasting times spending two and half hours if you can make it only one hour trip or even less directly to the Gilis? Here I’d like to say that taking fast boat would be the best choice for those who love a “Shortcut” to get to Lombok and Gili Islands.

There are about 20 fast boats currently run daily between Bali and Lombok. Among those twenty fast boats, Marina Srikandi is the largest and the fastest one. Running between Padang Bae harbour and Senggigi, the fastest service takes roughly 50 minutes, with a top speed of 50 Knots.

Why using Marina Srikandi? Having 138 seats, fully air-conditioned, 8 x 300hp Suzuki engines 50 knots cruising speed, route Padang Bai – Senggigi be reached in just 40 minutes. Marina Srikandi 8 also is equipped with a safety demonstration in the monitor screen that makes all passengers feel comfortable. Marina Srikandi offers you SPACE, SPEED, SAFETY and COMFORT. What else do you expect from a Fast Boat service?

Please leave us a feedback if you know another efficient and interesting way to get to Lombok from Bali.

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